U.S. 2016/17 rice ending stocks are lowered 2.0 million cwt this month on increased exports. Milled exports for 2016/17 are raised 4.0 million cwt on strong demand particularly in the Middle East. However, rough exports for 2016/17 are lowered 2.0 million cwt on a correction in Census data for shipments to El Salvador; the correction also led to a slight reduction in 2015/16 rough exports. Total supplies for 2017/18 are down 2.0 million cwt, reflecting the lower beginning stocks and unchanged production. All rice planted area remains estimated at 2.6 million acres despite weather-related uncertainties in the mid-South and California during planting this spring. NASS will release the Acreage report on June 30 providing an estimate for rice planted area and a forecast for harvested area. Total exports are raised 2.0 million cwt to 112.0 million with milled increased 3.0 million and rough reduced 1.0 million. Ending stocks are lowered 4.0 million cwt to 34.1 million, and the 2017/18 all rice season-average farm price is raised $0.30 per cwt at the midpoint to a range of $11.00 to $12.00. Global supplies are raised fractionally for both 2016/17 and 2017/18. The largest change is a 1.5-million-ton increase in 2016/17 India production to 108.0 million on updated government statistics. Global 2017/18 rice production is lowered fractionally to 481.0 million tons, down 2.1 million tons from the previous year and the second largest on record. Exports are raised 0.6 million tons in 2016/17 and 0.5 million tons in 2017/18 both largely on increases for India. Imports for 2017/18 are raised 0.4 million tons for Bangladesh on tight supplies. Only slight changes are made this month to total use. Ending stocks are raised 0.7 million tons for 2016/17 and 0.8 million tons for 2017/18, respectively.