Ukraine Rapeseed meal exports down 21% in July to September 2017/18

Rapeseed meal exports from Ukraine totaled 21.3 KMT in September 2017 against 18.3 KMT in August 2017 and 23.3 KMT in September 2016. Overall, 42.8 KMT was supplied to foreign markets in July-September 2017/18, or 20.8% less than at the same time last year (54.1 KMT). The current season features active rapeseed exports (two and a half times more rapeseed was exported in the first three months of the season than a year ago). This affected rapeseed crushing and consequently reduced exportable stocks of rapeseed products, in particular rape meal. The traditional end markets shrink now, but the top importers remain unchanged: European countries and Israel 87% and 9% of total exports, respectively.