Ukraine exported USD 2.8 billion worth of vegoils in 2017.

The country exported 3.792 MMT of vegoils to an amount of USD 2.834 billion in January-July 2017. In particular, exports of sunflower, safflower and cotton oils totaled 3.656 MMT to an amount of USD 2.728 Bl. The largest volumes went to India (USD 933.265 million worth, 34.2% of their exports in value terms), Spain (USD 282.14 million worth, 10.3%) and China (USD 228.187 million worth, 8.4%). Exports to other countries totaled USD 1.284 billion (47.1%). The share of these commodity items in overall exports reached 11.4% in value terms. Soybean oil exports totaled 108.653 KMT to an amount of USD 81.755 Ml. Exports of rape and mustard oils made up 7.952 KMT to an amount of USD 6.747 Ml.