Turkey resumed imports of Ukrainian wheat.

Ukraine exported 1053 KMT of wheat in March 2017, or almost as much as in the same month last year (1070 KMT was in March 2016). the key end market for Ukrainian wheat was Egypt. Ukraine supplied a season-record 347.5 KMT of wheat to Egypt that month. This represented 33% of total exports at the time, The European Union also revived imports of Ukrainian wheat in March. That month the EU absorbed over 26% of all the supplies – 278 KMT. In addition, in view of the heightened tension between Russia and Turkey, shipments to the Turkish market became more active in March. 46 KMT of wheat was supplied to Turkey that month – the largest volume since the season beginning (a total 73.4 KMT in MY 2016/17). Ukraine exported a total 14.615 MMT of wheat in the nine months of MY 2016/17, or 13% more than at the same time last season (12.912 MMT went abroad in July-March 2015/16Г).