Source says govt may lift ban on export of pulses to support prices.

The government is planning to lift a decade-long ban on export of pulses in order to address the glut and support prices in the domestic market. India had banned export of pulses a decade ago when supply shortage had pushed prices of tur, urad, and moong to record-high levels. Since then, India production remained in a range of 17-20 million tonne, while consumption was stronger at 22-24 million tonne, thereby forcing the country to import pulses. In 2016-17, however, India is estimated to have produced over 21 million tonne of pulses, a record high. On top of that, imports have also surged to nearly 6 million tonne, leaving a surplus of 2-3 million tonne, a first in many years. Sources said the Centre is also considering a hike in import duty of tur from the current 10% and may mull imposing the levy on other pulses as well.