Rice prices rise in India, Thailand on stronger currencies.

Rice prices firmed in Thailand and India on stronger local currencies, while prices weakened in Vietnam as the country entered its peak harvest season. In India, percent broken parboiled rice prices rise by $2 per tonne to $373 to $378 a tonne this week, as gains in the rupee led exporters to raise prices. The rupee was near its highest level in about 18 months. Prices of the benchmark 5% broken rice rise to $350-$365 a tonne free-on-board (FOB) Bangkok from $350-$36 as the baht appreciated against the U.S. dollar, but demand has been low. In Vietnam, its main harvest season since late March, pushing down prices of the 5% broken rice to $348-$350 a tonne FOB Saigon from $350-$355. Vietnam rice exports are expected to fall 23.9% annually to 1.19 million tonnes in the first quarter, after its shipments of the grain dropped 26.5% in 2016 due to lower production caused by climate changes.