Rabobank sees 2017-18 EU sugar output at 20.1 million metric tonne.

Rabobank expects sugar output in the European Union o rise to 20.5 million metric tonne in 2017-18 from 16.7 million metric tonne produced in 2016-17. The increase be led by growth of more than 2 million metric tonne in output in both France and Germany, to 5.8 million metric tonne and 4.5 million metric tonne, respectively. USDA’s Europe Union bureau had estimated the sugar output in the region at 20.1 million metric tonne for 2017-18. The expectations of a rise in sugar production in EU can be attributed to the abolition of output quota in September. The last agricultural quota system in place, managing sugar production in the EU, was scrapped on Sep 30, after nearly 50 years.