Paddy arrivals low at purchase centres.

Paddy purchase at the official purchase centers in the current yasangi [rabi] may not touch the expected levels despite high yield as large quantities of fine variety grain is being transported to Karnataka to be sold at a higher price. Grade-A type arrived early from Bodhan, Varni, Kotagiri and Beerkur and Grade-B (common class) from Nandipet, Armoor, Balkonda and so on arrived at centers. At some places, it is still in a flowering stage. About 403 tonnes of Grade-B variety was transported to centers. As many as 78 purchase centers (all under PACS) as against the total of 240 were opened. The centers under MEPMA-2, IDCMS-4 and IKP-22 are yet to be launched. There is no dearth of gunny bags to pack the grain and 15 lakh bags were already distributed to PACs. Another, 35 lakhs were on hand. Indent was placed for yet another 50 lakh bags. The Government agencies mostly purchase Grade-B variety that is called IR-1010 at the MSP of Rs. 1,470 per quintal. Fine categories such as Ganga and Kaveri are unlikely to reach these official centers in large quantities. The Government allotted paddy for custom milling to 57 mills and considering another six mills for the purpose.