ISMA says time ripe for Rangarajan in Uttar Pradesh cane price.

The time may be ripe to implement the Rangarajan formula for sugarcane pricing, read a central government letter to Uttar Pradesh in July, sking it to do away with the state-advised cane price. While the government and sugar industry seem to be on the same page in this regard, the move is unlikely to go down well with the state cane farmers. Farmers across the country, including those in Uttar Pradesh, have been demanding higher prices for their crops due to rising input costs. Although the Centre fixes cane price every year, some states like Uttar Pradesh, have been typically fixing a higher price for cane over the years to woo farmers, who comprise a chunk of the vote bank. The revenue-sharing formula recommended by the Rangarajan committee, set up during the United Progressive Alliance regime, entitles farmers to a price equivalent to 75% of the mills average realisation from sale of sugar and its by-products.