India year to September 20117 cotton export tops govt view of 5 million bales.

India cotton exports in the year ending September are already at around 5.2 million bales, well above the Cotton Advisory Board estimate of 5.0 million bales for the whole year, though lower than 6.9 million bales the previous year. According to trade estimates, over 2.0 million bales have been shipped to Bangladesh, around 1.0 million bales to Pakistan, 900,000 bales to China, and 600,000 bales to Vietnam. the country still has 4 million bales of inventory and if prices fall below 20,000 rupees a bale, exports could gain pace in the coming months. As India is staring at a rise of at least 20% in output next year, prices are expected to fall sharply in the coming months.