Govt mulls 15-18 rupees per kg subsidy on pulses sold to 3 states.

The government is likely to give a subsidy of 15-18 rupees per kg on pulses to be sold from its buffer stock to Gujarat, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The Committee of Secretaries in a meeting have decided on the subsidy of 15-18 rupees. The states had recommended a wide range of subsidy starting from 12 rupees and Karnataka had requested the highest quantum of 18 rupees. The government is likely to offload 700,000 metric tonne pulses from its buffer stock in the coming days. Of this, 350,000 metric tonne be sold to state governments and the rest is expected to be sold through open market sales scheme. Out of the 1.8 million metric tonne buffer stock of pulses, government sell 350,000 metric tonne to these three (Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu) states and (another) around 350,000 metric tonne through open market sales scheme.