Govt aims 22.9 mln tn pulses output 2017-18 vs 22.4 mln crop 2016-17.

Govt is targeting 22.9 mln tn of pulses production in 2017-18 (Jul-Jun), up marginally from the record 22.4 mln tn output estimated for this year. The production target for pulses is conservative, and actual output could be closer to 24 mln tn in the next crop year if monsoon rains are good. If total pulses acreage remains at this year level of 28 mln ha, output could easily go up to 24 mln tn, as yields are expected to be higher in the new season. Govt targets 4.25 mln tn tur 2017-18 vs 4.60 mln output 2016-17, 2.60 mln tn urad 2017-18 vs 2.93 mln output 2016-17, 2.30 mln tn moong 2017-18 vs 2.07 mln output 2016-17, 9.75 mln tn chana 2017-18 vs 9.08 mln output 2016-17.