Food minister sees FY18 wheat buys falling 3 milion tonne short of target.

The government wheat procurement in the current marketing year that started April is likely to fall 3 million tonne short of its initial target of 33 million tonne. So far, govt. has procured 28.4 million tonne wheat and expect to buy 30 million tonne. Government had bought 5.9 million tonne wheat from farmers in Madhya Pradesh compared to a target of 8.5 million tonne. In Uttar Pradesh too, though the state government is eyeing procurement of 8.0 million tonne of wheat. actual procurement may even fall short of the central government initial estimate of 3.0 million tonne. Though procurement is seen lower than initial estimates, it has already topped last year total procurement of 23.0 million tonne, and would be enough to meet requirements under state-run welfare schemes this year.