EU countries increased soybean oil imports from Ukraine.

Ukraine exported a total 15.2 KMT of soybean oil in July 2017 against 19.5 KMT a month earlier and 11.8 KMT in July 2016. Overall, in the eleven months of MY 2016/17, Ukrainian soybean oil exports hit an all-time high of over 163 KMT – this is up almost 15% from the same time last season (142 KMT). Apart from an expansion of the end markets for Ukrainian soybean oil, a change of leaders is observed in the 2016/17 season due to growing shipments to EU countries (40% of total exports) and falling ones to China (27%). The stable demand from India brought this country to the ranks of top importers: it gained a 17% export share. As a reminder, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia not only started purchases of the Ukrainian product, but also got significant niches in the export structure, 4% each.