Centre-South Brazil May 1-15 sugar output 2.11 million tonne, up 1.7% on year.

Mills in Brazil Centre-South region produced 2.11 million tonne sugar during the first fortnight of May, up 1.7% from 2.07 million tonne produced a year ago. Mills in the region, which accounts for more than 90% of Brazil’s total sugar output, crushed 38.46 million tonne of sugarcane during May 1-15, down 3.1% on year. From Apr 1 to May 15, mills in the region crushed 80.28 million tonne of cane, down 26.3% on year. In the same period, they produced 3.94 million tonne of sugar, down 26% on year. Sugar produced so far this season is lower compared with the same period last year on account of delayed milling. The Centre-South region also produced 3.10 billion litre of ethanol during the period, down from 4.40 billion litre a year ago. Of the total cane crushed, around 44.2% is used for sugar production, while 55.8% is used to make ethanol.