Centre-South Brazil Aug 1-15 sugar output 3.16 million tonne, up 6% on year.

Mills in Brazil’s Centre-South region produced 3.16 million tonne of sugar in the first fortnight of August, up 6% compared with 2.98 million tonne in the year-ago period. Centre-South Brazil accounts for over 90% of the country’s total sugar output. Mills in the region crushed 45.29 million tonne of cane during Aug 1-15, up 0.3% on year. The Centre-South region also produced 13.52 bln ltr of ethanol during the period, compared with 14.82 bln ltr in the year-ago period. Of the total cane crushed, around 48.7% was used for sugar production, while 51.3% was used to make ethanol. Mills in the region are likely to produce 35.2 million tonne of sugar this season, compared with 35.6 million tonne in 2016-17 (Apr-Mar).