Brazil 2017-18 coffee output 52 million bags, down 4 million.

Coffee production In Brazil in 2017-18 (Jul-Jun) is estimated at 52.1 million bags (1bag=60kg), 4 million bags lower on year. Production of the Arabica variety in the world largest coffee producer is seen falling 11% on year to 40.5 million bags due to the biennial production cycle. Production of the Robusta variety in 2017-18 is estimated at 11.6 million bags, up 1.1 million bags from 2016-17, owing to expectations of a rebound in production in the coffee growing areas of Espirito Santo, Rondonia, and Bahia after three years of drought. For 2017-18, coffee exports by Brazil are seen unchanged on year at 33.03 million bags. Closing stocks of coffee for 2017-18 are seen at 3.88 million bags, lower than 5.41 million bags in the previous season due to the likely fall in production.