Belarus became the top importer of Ukrainian soybean meal in September

Soybean meal exports from Ukraine increased to 13.2 KMT in September 2017/18 against 11.7 KMT in August 2017 and 5.7 KMT in September 2016. Growth of soybean crushing early in the season pushed them up to the second highest level after the record export volume of September 2015/16 (15.7 KMT). Belarus begins the new 2017/18 season with more active purchases of Ukrainian soybean meal: the country stepped them up to 4.5 KMT against 0.7 KMT a year ago. Now Belarus holds the leading position among importers – its market share equals 34%. In addition, EU countries maintain an upward import trend and absorb 28% of total soybean meal exports from Ukraine.