Barley exports down 23% from last year in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan barley exports turned down in 2017 and 89.8 KMT of this commodity was shipped for export against 148 KMT 2016 (down almost 40%). Thus, Kazakhstan exported 27% less barley in the five months of the current season compared to the same period a year ago (445 KMT against 609 KMT in September-January 2015/16). Iran remains the top market for Kazakh barley with an export share reaching 90%. Shipments of Kazakhstan barley continue to the US market in which U.S. imported 18.5 KMT of barley from Kazakhstan that is almost twice as much as last season. In Kazakhstan, total barley harvest in net weight was 3.2 MMT in 2016, or 18.5% more than in 2015.