Bangladesh to import 250,000 tonnes of rice from Vietnam at raised prices.

Bangladesh is set to buy 250,000 tonnes of white and parboiled rice from Vietnam at prices $50-$90 higher per ton than the previous month, to maintain immediate availability of stock in the market, as well as reserves. The government will be importing 200,000 tonnes of white rice at $430 per ton, though the price per ton was $380 in the last month. The ministry is also planning on procuring 50,000 tonnes of parboiled rice at a cost of $470 per ton, while the price had been less than $450 just a week ago. In addition, in a recent international tender by the food ministry, parboiled rice was listed at $ 427.85 per tonne and white rice was at $406.48. The country rice stock has hit a 5 year low, at 193,000 tonnes.